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[Example] Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Note: Anyone needing to get their GUID for MW3 go to this website:
Note2: If you need your Steam ID for getting the MW3 GUID go to this website:

Example Ban Appeal:
[b]Steam Information[/b]

*[i]Steam Account Name At Time of Ban[/i]:

*[i]Steam Profile URL[/i]:

*[i]Steam ID[/i]:

[b]In-Game Information[/b]

*[i]Specific Server[/i]:

*[i]If Banned On Call of Duty: MW3. What is Your GUID/XUID[/i]:

*[i]Date/Time of The Ban[/i]:

*[i]Admin That Banned You (if known)[/i]:

*[i]Why Do You Think You Should Be Unbanned?[/i]:

*[i]Evidence, Demo is mandatory. Upload Eventual Live Recording[/i]:

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