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Hey C45P3R,

I haven't played MW3 in months.  Tired of setting in empty CoD4 and WAW servers so I thought I'd give MW3 a go again.  Not disappointed, but not a lot of people playing anymore there either.  I'm an old clan founder and leader of a defunct clan and was going to put up a server of my own and link it to my website but not much reason to do that when you have 10 of em setting pretty much empty so I might as well save my dough and play in yours.  I would be interested in becoming an admin but I'm not going to fill out that long #&* application.  I might not live long enough to complete it.   Smile 

Might see you in there some day. 
Player name is either 40-Mike,  or -nMg-Grmm.

See ya

Join and add me on discord and steam.

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